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"Our protection is not in our weapons, nor in science, nor in hiding.
Our protection is right and the law "Albert Einstein

Alma Prnjavorac, lawyer - biography

Law Office provides legal services on the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, before all courts and administrative bodies.

  • Since January, 1993. ATTORNEY AT LAW
  • Employed by “Telecom BH” Tuzla – Manager of Legal Department from 1980 to 1993.
  • Employed by GIK “Tehnograd” Tuzla from 1977 to 1980.
  • Passed Bar Exam in 1979., also in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Law University of Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina, graduated in 1977

- The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, the U.S. Embassy, the British Embassy and the Embassy of Spain, Embassy of Italy, also recommend us to their citizens and the companies in the case of indicating the need for the provision of professional legal assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

* Knowledge of the English language * Competence in the work on the computer.

* Member of: Federal Bar Association, International Law Office, Association of European Lawyers (AEA), Anwalt Deutschland, Experten Branchenbuch Deutschland, International Criminal Defense Counsel (ICDC), LEXADIN, Hieros Gamos (HG), Law Fuel, Law Guru, Law Net, Legal Force, Law Mirror, European Lawyers.

Azur Prnjavorac, lawyer & mediator - biography

In addition to university degree and continuous training, he possesses excellent communication skills and the ability to carefully listen to clients’ needs in order to find the most adequate solution with constant dedication and focus on specific legal situations.

  • LAWYER since 2013

  • Is currently attending postgraduate studies at the Department of Civil Law.
  • 2009-2013 Law Office – Lawyers intern.
  • MEDIATOR since 2010.
  • Authorized intermediary between marriage partners before initiating proceedings for divorce.
  • Bar examination passed in 2013, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Faculty of Law, University of Sarajevo completed in 2009.
  • Double champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina in IT.
  • He won the gold Eureka for innovation.
  • ECDL passed in 2001.
  • Grammar School Mesa Selimovic in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

* Member of: Federal Bar Association, Association of European Lawyers (AEA), International Law Office (ILO), LEXADIN, Hieros Gamos (HG), Law Fuel, Law Guru, Law Net, International Criminal Defense Counsel (ICDC), Legal Force, Law Mirror, Experten Branchenbuch Deutschland.





The role of the lawyer, as advocate and protector of rights, freedoms and interests citizens and legal entities in a democratic society based on the rule of law, it is very significant but also demanding. Such a role places him with a number of moral and legal obligations, how to the party he represents, as well as to the courts, the legal profession, the public, etc., and asks of him adherence to the Code of Bar Ethics at all times performing his business. It is also the duty of every lawyer to, in addition to the protection of rights, freedoms and the interests of the party he represents take care of: conscientious and professional performance of his business; preserving your own the independence, honor, honesty and integrity of the lawyer and the honorable conduct of his business; obligation confidentiality and the confidence of the party it represents, but also of the judicial authorities; respect for the human dignity, protection and enjoyment of basic human rights and freedoms; humane and considerate relationship that implies the respect and respect of all those with whom it is in contact in the conduct of its business; the requirements of professional and general culture; the reputation and dignity of the bar, as well as its promotion and affirmation, professional assistance and advice to other attorneys and law trainees; perfecting and upgrading their legal and general education, etc.

The lawyer's primary duties to the party he represents are loyalty, loyalty, conscientious and diligent performance the duty of legal counsel, seeking to justify the trust shown by the party which elected him as his own legal representative. The lawyer independently decides on the acceptance of the offer to represent the client, and when making it these decisions should not be guided by gender, national, racial, linguistic or religious affiliation, political conviction, origin, social status, etc. A lawyer can only refuse to provide legal assistance reasons prescribed by the Law, the Code and other legal acts FBiH Bar Chambers or if it judges that the case cannot succeed advocate because he is not competent in the field, but is obliged to state to the party the reasons for refusing legal aid. If the lawyer determines that the party he represents is giving untrue facts and instructions, he or she is litigated or not being able to pay attorneys' fees may cancel legal assistance.

The attitude towards the opposing party must be correct, and the appearance considered and objective with full respect and respect for both the opposing party and its legal representative, seeking to resolve the dispute at mutual interest. The lawyer is obliged to prevent any verbal altercation of the trial opponents and not it may disparage or misuse the opposing party in any way whatsoever her ignorance, the fallacy if she has no legal representative, and if she has one, the lawyer is obliged to communicate exclusively with her representative.

The relationship between lawyers and courts, administrative and other state bodies is based on respect for the law and the legal culture and the legal profession. It is the duty of the lawyer to respect the authority and reputation of the court and other bodies before to whom he represents his party, and to act properly, while maintaining his independence, personal reputation and independence of the bar. He must not by unprofessional means and dishonestly influence the course procedure and decision making, nor abuse its authority. He is bound, courageously and honorably, to be allowed by means of defending the interests of his party, regardless of his own interests or consequences, to resist any violation of the lawfulness, violation of dignity and fundamental human rights of his party, and warn him of the conscientious exercise of the rights conferred upon it in the proceedings.

The law profession is based on the relationship of trust and mutual cooperation of lawyers, with the aim of achieving the welfare of their clients. Relationships between attorneys, and attorneys and law trainees, in each segment of business and private life, they must be fair and based on the basis of mutual respect, respect, while maintaining a certain degree of independence and determination in representing and protecting the interests of one's own self customers. A lawyer may not take over the representation of a party misled by another lawyer if the party is not revoked the power of attorney of the previous lawyer or informed him that he would hire a new lawyer in addition to him. legal more than one lawyer can provide assistance to one person. Attorneys must be in solidarity, collegiality and above all professional in relationships and provide each other with advice, opinions and be ready to replace a colleague if the need arises. Lawyers will settle their disputes on their own or before the Chamber's bodies. One of the responsibilities of every lawyer is education, professional assistance and professional training a lawyer's junior, which includes: familiarizing the trainee with the principles and rules of the Code lawyer ethics, rules of conduct in work and life; familiarization with the obligation to keep a lawyer's secret; facilitating practice in a variety of subjects; participation in the work of the organization of law trainees Federal Bar Chambers; constant monitoring and supervision of trainee work; help with preparations for passing the bar exam; assistance in opening a law office and acquiring clients.

When providing legal assistance, all confidential information and facts learned by a lawyer from his client or otherwise, all records, audio, computer and other records are considered to be a lawyer's secret and the lawyer has a duty of confidentiality. An essential prerequisite for professional and conscientious representation and the condition of independence i the independence of the law profession is precisely the keeping of the lawyer's secret that the lawyer, as well as his associates or attorneys at a joint law firm, required to keep it after the end of the proceedings or representation. By disclosing a lawyer's secret, the lawyer commits the most serious breach of the lawyer's duties and reputation. He's a lawyer obliged to participate in the work of the bodies of the Chamber and be responsible for their work, to preserve its reputation, independence and independence and fulfill your obligations to the Chamber. The lawyer is responsible for the work of his office and must duly and keep the subject on time, keep records and records of deadlines and hearings, be conscientious and accurate in monetary matters jobs, especially when it comes to someone else's money that should not be misused.

When it comes to the media, the lawyer may not make public the parties' information that represents, the facts and circumstances known to him, or anything to which his party is legally entitled entrusted the representative. If the opposing party incorrectly informed the public about the procedure, what could to influence the further course of the proceedings, the lawyer is obliged to inform the public and provide accurate information thereby prevent harm to the party he represents.

Attorneys are practiced by lawyers as individuals who, for the common purpose of pursuing the profession, establish a joint law firm or company. The lawyer must preserve the lawyer's reputation and independence activities must not engage in activities that would impair it. In providing legal assistance to a party, it is the duty of the lawyer to take all actions which, in his judgment, are in the interest of the party and which are in the within the scope of the law or authority obtained from the party The application of the law is monitored by the work of attorneys, law offices, and the Federal Bar Association The Federal Ministry of Justice, which may require certain reports and information, taking into account the the independence of the bar. The legal system requires all lawyers to respect each other's colleagues, civilized dispute resolution, honesty, which will help resolve the dispute by agreement and to the benefit parties, and facilitate the proper functioning of the legal system. We strive to reach the best attorneys advice to our clients.

The lawyer must be free and independent in every respect: political, economic, intellectually independent of the state and other influential interests, independent of the represented party if enjoyed the trust of the third party and the court, and must not allow its independence to be compromised by pressure business associates. Chambers and attorneys' free membership play an important role in maintaining independence profession. The independence of the profession supports the independence of the lawyer. The lawyer must avoid conflicts of interest, a for the purpose of properly practicing law and may not represent two parties in the same case if there is a conflict between the interests of those parties or a conflict of interest between him and the party; is obliged to give up representing a new party if he or she possesses confidential information received from the current or former party parties, etc. If a conflict of interest arises during the party's legal representation, the lawyer must withdraw further representation. The lawyer has an obligation to develop and improve his / her professional knowledge and skills. Advokat Azur Prnjavorac

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