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How does a lawyer in Bijeljina identify himself/herself?
All forms of work of a lawyer are identified by a lawyer’s card (ID), a seal of a lawyer from Bijeljina, a lawyer’s inscription and other forms of identification, the form and content of which are regulated by general acts of the Bar Association, as well as registration documents and founding documents.

What is the principle of expertise of lawyers in Bijeljina?
A lawyer is obliged to act professionally in his/her work, with the knowledge for which he/she has acquired qualifications. A lawyer should constantly improve his/her professional skills, follow the regulations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, legal practice of BiH and professional literature, and to renew, improve and expand his/her legal and general education.

How can a law firm in Bijeljina be established by a lawyer?
A law firm in Bijeljina may be established by two or more lawyers in accordance with the law governing the establishment of companies, unless otherwise provided by the Law on Attorneys of the RS. A new partnership must have a prominent inscription with the mark of the Bar Association of the Republic of Srpska and the written text: “partnership law firm”, the business name of the company and that it is a partnership law firm. A law firm registered in Bijeljina may have only one law office in which the registered office of that company is located. A law firm, as a legal entity, is established in accordance with the law which regulated the establishment of companies as a limited liability company.

When are lawyers in Bijeljina obliged to refuse to represent a party?
A lawyer is obliged to refuse to represent a party if the party’s request is clearly contrary to the laws of BiH; if the lawyer or any other lawyer who has worked or works in the same law office, joint law office, law firm, in the same case or a case legally related to him/her represented the opposing party or both parties; if he/she represents the opposing party in another case at the same time; if the request or interest of the party is contrary to the interests of the legal entity in which the lawyer has any position or represents him/her; if he/she is approached for representation by a party who already has a lawyer in the same case with whom he has not reached an agreement on the legal basis and organization of representation.

Can a lawyer in Bijeljina have a trainee lawyer or a professional associate?
A lawyer, a joint law office, a partnership law firm and a law firm may hire a temporary lawyer without practice, a law trainee, to perform an internship, which he/she is obliged to provide in accordance with the training program for law trainees in the Bar Association of the Republic of Srpska in order that he/she acquires the necessary knowledge and skills to take the bar exam. A lawyer may hire a legal associate for a definite or indefinite period of time. The lawyer is obliged to duly pay the agreed remuneration to the trainee lawyer and legal associate, pay other financial obligations arising from the employment contract and enable the exercise of long-term rights they have on the basis of work and employment. In performing the tasks of providing legal assistance entrusted to a trainee lawyer or legal associate by the employer, the trainee lawyer and legal associate are obliged to follow the instructions of the employer, as well as the ethical norms stated and described in the Codes of Ethics and other general acts of the Bar Association of the Republic of Srpska.


*Disclaimer: Attorney-at-law Alma Prnjavorac & Attorney at law Azur Prnjavorac, provides the information in this web site for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute legal advice.


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