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Lawyer Bihac - Regional Bar Association Bihac

Regional Bar Association Bihać has the capacity of a legal entity with the seat in Bihać at Nurije Pozderca St. 2/II, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Regional Bar Association Bihać, based on Article 15 of the Law on Lawyer's Profession F BiH at its founding meeting dated July 12, 2002 adopted its Statute which determines organization and way of operating of this Bar.

Bodies of the Regional Bar Association Bihać are: Assembly, Steering Board, President and Vice-President, Disciplinary Court and disciplinary prosecutor and Supervisory Board.

Lawyer’s profession in Bosnia and Herzegovina includes: provision of legal advice, drafting various submissions (claims, complaints, requests, petitions, applications, etc.); drafting of various documents, representation of clients in all civil, administrative and other procedures before all regular and other courts, government bodies, arbitration and legal persons; defense and representation of the defendant in criminal, civil and other proceedings; provision of other forms of legal assistance.

Lawyer’s profession as a professional activity is conducted by lawyers as individuals. Lawyers for the purpose of joint exercise of the profession may form a joint law office and law associations.

Bihać is a city on the River Una in northwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the Bosanska Krajina region. It has 61,186 inhabitants. Bihać is located in the Una-Sana Canton (Canton I) of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the former Yugoslavia, Bihać was developed industrial city. Factories such as Kombiteks, Krajinametal and Polietilenka were carriers of economic development. Today it is the headquarters of one of the largest breweries in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which produces two beer brands, Preminger and Unski biser. Bihaćka mljekara (creamery), which is owned by German company Meggle is one of the leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina. BIRA (Bihać industry of refrigeration equipment) is one of the most successful export-oriented factory in BiH. Nowadays, significant results were achieved in the tourism industry. Bihać rafting on the Una River is considered one of the best in the region. It is also significant, and the agricultural sector due to the large and fertile soil.

On 24 July 2014, Bihać officially became a city, together with Zenica, Široki Brijeg and Tuzla.


*Disclaimer: Attorney-at-law Alma Prnjavorac & Attorney at law Azur Prnjavorac, provides the information in this web site for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute legal advice.


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