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Lawyer Zenica

Lawyer Zenica

Regional Bar Association Zenica has the capacity of a legal entity with the seat in Zenica at Kočeva i Kočevska čikma St., Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Regional Bar Association Zenica, based on Article 15 of the Law on Lawyer's Profession F BiH at its founding meeting dated July 20, 2002 adopted its Statute which determines organization and way of operating of this Bar.

Bodies of the Regional Bar Association Zenica are: Assembly, Steering Board, President and Vice-President, Disciplinary Court and disciplinary prosecutor and Supervisory Board.
Regional Bar Association represents all lawyers from its territory before canton and municipal bodies and institutions.

Lawyer's profession is performed by individual lawyers, who may, for the purpose of joint performance, found a joint law firm or association. A lawyer must uphold the reputation and independence of lawyer's profession, and must not exercise activities to violate those. When providing legal assistance to a client, a lawyer is obliged to take all actions he/she considers best for the client's interest, and which are lawful and approved by the client. Application of law, work of lawyers, law firms and Federal Bar Association are monitored by the Federal Ministry of Justice which may demand certain reports and data, taking care about the independence of lawyer's profession. Legal system demands from all lawyers mutual respect among colleagues, civilized settlement of disputable questions, honesty, which will help resolve the dispute by agreement, and in favor of the party, and facilitate the proper functioning of the legal system.

Zenica is the fourth-largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the capital of the Zenica-Doboj Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity. Zenica is located about 70 km (43 mi) north of Sarajevo and is situated on the Bosna river, surrounded by a mountainous and hilly landscape. The city is home to 115,134 inhabitants.

Zenica was an important economic and military center during the Banate of Bosnia and the Kingdom of Bosnia, and one of the relics from these eras is the Vranduk fortress. The city's old quarter contains several attractions, including the former synagogue, dating from 1906, which is now part of the City Museum.

Zenica is connected with Sarajevo (70 kilometres (40 mi) to the southeast), by rail and road, both of which run along the valley of the river Bosna. The A1 motorway connects Zenica with Sarajevo and Mostar. The closest airport is Sarajevo International Airport. The railway line continues to the south, eventually reaching the coast at Ploče in Croatia.


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