Law office

"Our protection is not in our weapons, nor in science, nor in hiding.
Our protection is right and the law "Albert Einstein

Areas of professional involvement : Appellate proceedings before the Court of Human Rights

The Law Office drafts petitions to the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg for violations of the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights.

Permanent commitment of the Law Office is, by following the highest ethical principles contained in the code of law profession, to provide quality and efficient protection of its clients. Oral and written legal advice as well as representation before the courts and other state authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina are the essence of the regular activities of the Law Office through which rights and interests of our clients are realized and protected.
The long-standing legal and specialist education, business experience and successes are the basis for the belief that a special quality of professional engagement has been achieved in the following areas of law:

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