Law office

"Our protection is not in our weapons, nor in science, nor in hiding.
Our protection is right and the law "Albert Einstein


Family and the law of succession: Areas of professional involvement law office

From the family law the Law Office deals with issues of: providing legal advice and representation in court for divorce, providing legal advice and representation in court for alimony, proceedings for divorce with juvenile children where it is decided on entrusting mutual children to upbringing, care and nursing, disputes over distribution of property acquired during the marriage, representation in the proceedings related to the deprivation of parental rights, establishing motherhood and fatherhood, division of marital property in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and procedures for taking away business capacity and setting a guardian.

Representation from the law of succession involves initiation of the probate proceedings, representation in the probate procedure, making of contract of lifetime support.
Very often work on these cases has in itself the elements of the international private law.

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