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"Our protection is not in our weapons, nor in science, nor in hiding.
Our protection is right and the law "Albert Einstein

Banking Law and Finance - Areas of professional involvement Law Office

The Law Office has extensive experience in banking law and finance. We represent the world's largest banks, claim agencies and financial organizations from all over the world in order to collect outstanding loans from individuals and legal entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and apply Swiss law of obligations (Codes des obligations) in the entire state of Bosnia and Herzegovina in this type of procedures as well as the limitation period in the country where the Bank is registered.

We provide legal advice in banking and financial law, including advice relating to syndicated loans, financing the purchase of companies, corporate and project financing, financing of projects for the development of real estate, and litigation against banks in case of violation of positive legislation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We help customers in choosing the appropriate collateral in order to protect their interests in financial contracts and advise on the pros and cons of different collaterals.

Along with preparing the necessary documentation and negotiations in favour of the client, we provide legal assistance in particular in the following areas:

• Banking transactions;
• Representation before the Banking Agency of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina / Republic of Srpska
• Providing legal services in connection with status issues;
• Preparation of documents necessary for the proceedings before the competent authorities and institutions;
• Intercompany loans and financing;
• Advising clients in relation to aspects of business relationships in the financial markets;
• Preparation and development of internal acts in order to comply with applicable regulations;
• Project financing;
• Monitoring of the entire procedure and informing the client;
• Factoring.

Here you can see examples of valid and enforceable judgments of benefit to the jurisprudence of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the banking law and finance, in disputes against banks registered in BiH, and in favour of banks with international seats, of our law firm. (for the time being only in the Bosnian language).


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