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"Our protection is not in our weapons, nor in science, nor in hiding.
Our protection is right and the law "Albert Einstein


Debt collection in Bosnia and Herzegovina and compulsory enforcement - Law office

Our law office provides advocacy and consultancy services to domestic and foreign companies and natural persons to collect their receivables in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our main principle is to ensure our client to obtain his receivables in the fastest manner with the lowest cost.

When everything else fails, we take the issue to the court in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We have been successful in getting debtors, private and commercial, and have helped debtors realize that the sooner they settle and pay, the better.


Our strategy:
• Analyzing the solvency of debtors in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
• Pursuing debtors with the aim of reclaiming monies due and owing.
• Contacting debtors.
• Performing execution procedures.
• Advice or suggestions regarding the enforcement proceedings, civil litigation and insolvency proceedings.
• Starting litigation before the competent court in Bosnia-Herzegovina.


In most cases we suggest our clients send a final demand letter professionally written by our law office. In many cases, this letter leads to payment in full or an offer to pay the claim by instalments.

We offer initial review of the debtor's bank accounts in Bosnia and Herzegovina and monitoring of its credit and financial status during the whole procedure.

Our collection service includes collection as well as enforcement of domestic and foreign claims in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the enforcement of titles of execution and judgments already obtained abroad. Renowned collection agencies cooperate with us and regularly employ our firm for the enforcement of claims in court in Bosnia & Herzegovina.