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"Our protection is not in our weapons, nor in science, nor in hiding.
Our protection is right and the law "Albert Einstein


Property and legal relations in Bosnia and Herzegovina – engagement of the Law Office

Law Office Prnjavorac also deals with all property and legal issues, that is, providing legal services in this legal area. This includes representation in disputes over damage compensation, analysis of contracts, documentation and disputed legal issues, resolving issues of unjustified gain, unilateral declarations of intent, as well as representation in other property issues in any area of law, including the exercise of the rights of parties from legal systems of other states and application of international law.

The most common legal services that we provide before all courts and state bodies of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the property and legal field are the following:

Our experts in the field of civil law advise and represent clients in court, out-of-court and arbitration proceedings before domestic and international courts and arbitrations, as well as other state bodies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thanks to our rich work experience and success rate in litigations, our civil law team deserves the trust of a large number of clients who address them daily with various legal issues, seeking legal services in various areas of civil law, and among other in the field of contract law, family law, inheritance law, etc.

  • Contract law

In the field of contract law, our legal team compiles claims, complaints, out-of-court settlements, lawsuits, appeals and other legal remedies, enabling clients to quickly and efficiently exercise their rights and compensate for material and non-material damage.

We also compile all types of named and unnamed contracts, as well as annexes to contracts, providing legal advice and detailed interviews with clients, obtaining the best option that suits the circumstances of each specific legal case and the characteristics of each client, including contracts and other legal transactions with foreign elements.

In the event of disagreements between the contracting parties or non-fulfillment of contractual obligations, our legal team provides contract modification services, as well as contract cancellation services for those contracts that do not meet the legal requirements. In addition to the above, our legal team also provides legal services in other disputes related to violations of the provisions of the Law on Obligations, which due to their large scope cannot be all listed.

Our legal team is committed to providing its clients with innovative, result-oriented support in litigation or arbitration. Our dispute resolution lawyers have a role in advising in particular on risk management, in order to ensure the optimal position of the client in the event of a dispute. Our engagements typically include individual mandates related to complex legal issues that require innovative legal solutions and coordination of a creative approach, which allows us to combine our legal experiences from different areas of law, namely civil, corporate, commercial and financial law. Our litigation team assists clients in all phases of dispute resolution – from the initial assessment of the outcome of litigation, through the development of a strategy from the beginning of a dispute that goes through litigation and is finally resolved in court enforcement proceedings.

  • Real right

In the field of real law, we provide advice and services to represent clients in proceedings to protect property rights, easements, liens, possession rights, as well as in all other proceedings in the field of real law.

Unresolved factual situations related to real estate and complex legal problems require commitment and knowledge in resolving them, and the Prnjavorac Law Office has experience in such legal situations.

We represent foreigners in the acquisition of real estate in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as all legal affairs related to real estate in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • In-depth legal analysis

According to the documentation we receive from our clients, we also perform in-depth legal analysis of the case, assess the legal risk, the course of court or out-of-court proceedings as well as the outcome of a possible court dispute.



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